Team Depot Hadley Project

Local (Home Depot) Team-Depot Captain/Manager, along with AMVETS Executive Director worked together to obtain the approval from Home Depot Foundation to undertake this Team Depot Hadley Project. The project was a surprise and when Team Depot knocked on his door, Friday (November 1, 2019), was the first that Gary knew about the project and needless to say, it was a complete surprise and a little emotional for Gary. Team Hadley Project consisted of: Landscaping/Planting/Outdoor Beautification Project. House painting of the entire home & garage door AND Yard Improvement in revamping yard to have updated curb appeal and to layout the yard to ensure the veteran is able to maneuver his power-chair or walk. Gary is a retired Navy Sea-Bee Veteran with over 20 years of military service, including seeing action in Vietnam. Upon his retirement, Gary had accumulated various medals, but most notable were the 2 Purple Hearts and the Silver Star. Gary has dedicated his later years in assisting veterans and their family, especially after the passing of his dear wife. This particular Team Depot Project was so very appropriate and so deserving. Thanks to Team Depot Captain/Managers and Members, along with Home Depot Foundation for making this happen.