“Rolling Thunder” presents AMVETS Dept. of CA’s Smokey Rickerd with Commanders Coin

1072nd Transportation Company “Rolling Thunder” presented Smokey Rickerd Executive Director of AMVETS Department of California, with a certificate of appreciation award, as well as a Commanders Coin in support of the company’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreational (MWR) events.

AMVETS Department of California’s continued support dedication to local veterans, selfless service greatly contributed to the success of both unit MWR Events.  We have been able to support the 1072nd Transportation Company, and the California Army National Guard in our community.

AMVETS Podcast: April 2023 — AMVETSONE

AMVETSONE 1st Vice Commander Jeff Lukens, and Lance talk about the impact of AMVETSONE 2022, and the plans for the upcoming AMVETSONE 2023 tour this year.

AMVETS Podcast: March 2023 — VA Services with Lucas Corriea 

Lucas Corriea, MPA, USMC Veteran and Assistant Chief/Voluntary Service Officer Center for Development and Civic Engagement (CDCE) joins us to tell us more about the VA Voluntary Service, the largest volunteer program in the Federal government. Lucas is committed to his role in bridging the gap between how the Federal government and community resources collaborate to help veterans.

SAVE ON LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP — dues increase 9/1/23

Our staff here at AMVETS Department of California invites you to convert your Annual Membership to a Lifetime membership for $250 or less (dependent on age) before 8/31/2023. Per AMVETS National, Lifetime Membership dues will increase on September 1 according to the following age-based tiers:

Age tierPrice
Up to 55$500
Lifetime Membership dues effective 9/1/23

To convert your membership, contact:
[email protected]
1 877 526 1339

2023 Winter DEC Recap

Thank you to our AMVETS Department of California members and leadership participating in and facilitating another successful DEC. On January 20-21, 2023 our membership and esteemed leaders joined together in person at our conference venue, Picadilly Inn Airport in Fresno and online via Zoom to confer regarding essential administrative, planning and organizational venue programming that is vital to our organizations mission of supporting California’s Veterans.

During the DEC proceedings we were gratified to host two distinguish guest speakers.

James Ziegler, Executive Director of Central California VA Healthcare, presented AMVETS Dept. of CA Executive Director Smokey Rickerd with a coin for his quick action in saving the life of a Veteran by ensuring that the Veteran was able to get the help he needed by the VA in southern California.

Esmeralda Soria, CA State Assembly District 27 representative and Military & Veteran’s Affair committee member addressed our attendees to express her esteem for AMVETS and the veterans we represent, and to share the work of her and her colleagues advocating for our state’s Veterans in Sacramento.

FREE AMVETS Female Membership

We’re excited to share this great news with the entire AMVETS Department of California leadership and membership.

The AMVETS National Women’s Veteran Committee (AMVETS WVC) is sponsoring free membership for newly enrolled female veterans to AMVETS whom meet the membership criteria, have been honorably discharged, or are still serving in a branch of the Armed Services.

No application fee will be collected. All application information must be verified and legible. 

Post 1st Vice Commanders are requested to write “NEWV” / WVC on the original application; email a copy of the application to [email protected]  including the Post 1st Vice Full name, and also the State and Post number that received and verified the application. 

The Women Veterans Committee will pay the first-year enrollment fee for all first time newly enrolled female veterans until our funds have been depleted for the upcoming fiscal year.

The WVC will coordinate with National, also the Post will be notified when the application has been received and is being processed. MAL Applications for newly enrolled female veterans will also be authorized for payment if/when received directly by Women Veterans Committee or National Office –MAL application do not require Post or Department contacts!

For more information contact:
Inetta Bullock, Women Veteran Committee
AMVETS National
[email protected]

AMVETS Posts Contributing to Northern California Earthquake Relief

December 20, 2022, Northern California experienced a 6.4 earthquake, that not only rocked parts of Northern California, but also damaged the infrastructure, moving homes off their foundations and cut off power to thousands of homes.  Also, phone lines, cell-towers and PG&E services in the various areas were damaged or downed and electricity & communications were limited or did not exist.  Today there has been some progress, but several of the disaster victims are still displaced.

AMVETS are assisting in the Recovery & Relief Phase
Few Members from AMVETS Posts 96 (Commander Dan Lawrence & District 16 Cmdr. Tom Pietila) and Post 2813 (Northern Area Cmdr. Gary Imhoff & District 14/15 Cmdr. Carlos Castle) along with Department 2nd Vice Cmdr. Helen Wong have been active trying to assemble Disaster Relief items to provide to the victims and their families.

After the notification of the Earthquake, 2nd Vice Cmdr. Helen Wong and District 16 Cmdr. Tom Pietila (Post 96) made contact, which resulted in Helen driving North to deliver blankets and food to Tom, who in turn delivered them to the Rio Dell Community Disaster Relief Coordinator.

Currently, Northern Area Cmdr. Gary Imhoff & District 14/15 Cmdr. Carlos Castle, and other Post 2813 members are obtaining additional Disaster Relief items to provide to the victims in the Rio Dell/Ferndale area.  Carlos and Gary have been in contact with the DOD Warehouse personnel in the Chico area and have secured 7-8 pallets of Disaster Relief items to provide to the victims: i.e., Cots, Duffle Bags, Blankets, Pillow, Fleece Jackets, Vests, Moisturizer Wipe, Beanies, Gloves, Sweatpants, and other articles.

Gary and Carlos with 2-3 other Post 2813 members transported the pallets and other items, in a Rental Truck, to give the Relief Items to Tom Pietila & Commander Dan Lawrence, who provided the supplies to the Rio Dell Community Disaster Relief Coordinator. 

The Mission was a Success and Completed!  Post 2813 Northern Area Commander Imhoff & DC14/15 Castle and other members loaded the Rental Truck in the Chico area with Disaster Relief Supplies and delivered to the Rio Dell Community Disaster Relief location, where Post 96 presented the Supplies to the Disaster Relief Coordinator.  Great Job for a very worthy cause—to Help Several in Need!