Getting Medicare for U.S. Veterans Darlene Primavera

We Know Medicare

Hello Veterans,

MA Insurance Center (MAIC) thanks you for your service!

MAIC is an independently owned insurance agency specializing in Medicare coverage. Since 2008, MAIC has helped over 15,000 people (over 1,000 Veterans) understand the Medicare healthcare program and maximize their benefits. We are based in California and have helped people in every county.

Medicare can be confusing and overwhelming for those newly turning 65 and for those who have been on Medicare for years. Who can you turn to for reliable, unbiased Medicare information? We are proud to be the primary Medicare resource for our clients on an ongoing basis. We make sure our clients are in the Medicare plan that is best for them year in and year out. We also help our clients out with questions and concerns they have about their health coverage. MAIC takes pride in helping Veterans who qualify for Medicare. As a Medicare‐eligible Veteran, you have options when it comes to health care. Many Veterans are not aware that they can have both VA health care and Medicare. Well, you can! Of course, not every Veteran will benefit from being on Medicare in addition to their VA health care. Although, many of our Veteran clients currently love having a Medicare plan that gives them extra benefits, access to more (and often closer and more convenient) health care providers, and many other no-cost benefits. We are happy to provide no-cost meetings to individuals or groups to educate our Veterans about Medicare and the plans available to them in their

At a time when health care costs have spiraled out of control, it is so important for Veterans, retirees, and their families get accurate information from a reliable source. We look forward to providing you this information at no cost – ever. Thank you for allowing us to give back.

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