FREE AMVETS Female Membership

We’re excited to share this great news with the entire AMVETS Department of California leadership and membership.

The AMVETS National Women’s Veteran Committee (AMVETS WVC) is sponsoring free membership for newly enrolled female veterans to AMVETS whom meet the membership criteria, have been honorably discharged, or are still serving in a branch of the Armed Services.

No application fee will be collected. All application information must be verified and legible. 

Post 1st Vice Commanders are requested to write “NEWV” / WVC on the original application; email a copy of the application to [email protected]  including the Post 1st Vice Full name, and also the State and Post number that received and verified the application. 

The Women Veterans Committee will pay the first-year enrollment fee for all first time newly enrolled female veterans until our funds have been depleted for the upcoming fiscal year.

The WVC will coordinate with National, also the Post will be notified when the application has been received and is being processed. MAL Applications for newly enrolled female veterans will also be authorized for payment if/when received directly by Women Veterans Committee or National Office –MAL application do not require Post or Department contacts!

For more information contact:
Inetta Bullock, Women Veteran Committee
AMVETS National
[email protected]